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When a series of man-made disasters strike the US, altruistic rock star Dante Benedick (AKA) "The One" must travel back through time to rescue the world and the love of his life.

Death began to call her name In dulcet tones that sounded sane. Lift the glass; take but a sip, It will speed you on your trip. Taste this fatal glass of doom. Let me show you to your room. Please, don’t worry. Please, don’t fret. This is your best adventure yet.Fatal Glass of Doom, The One
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Chapter 1

Embers in the Rain

Midnight, Thursday
November 18, 2010
Georgetown University

Isabella Bellwood died at midnight, and her secrets died with her.  Her secrets were many and finally, the demons won the battle for Isabella’s soul.  She couldn’t go on. Not after what she had done.  There was no turning back.  She had crossed the final threshold, ventured past the point of no return.  Her actions would have repercussions; too many repercussions to comprehend right now.  She didn’t want to be around when blame was assessed.  Isabella was ready to end her life.

She arranged the pills in neat piles. Next to the Seconal was a bottle of vodka and a Dramamine tablet.  Outside her bedroom window, it was raining.  From her window, had she looked, she would have seen a cold, miserable November downpour.  The fire in the fireplace crackled slightly.

Life is so meaningless, she thought.  As she brushed her long auburn hair, she gazed at herself for a moment in the mirror…She almost didn’t recognize herself. Her hair was now combed and in place, but the luster and shine of good health and youth were missing.  Dark wraith-like circles pooled beneath her eyes like bruised fruit.

She glanced at the remaining fireplace sparks flickering in her fireplace.  Most of the fire had already burned out, like her life. Isabella had less than one hour to live….